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    Xinjiang New Energy (Group) Environmental Testing Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Xinjiang New Energy (Group) Co., Ltd., and is a state-owned enterprise in the Autonomous Region. Testing company was established in June 6, 2016 with the registered capital of 1000 million Yuan, which is a third-party testing technology services company taking the environmental testing, environmental protection completion and acceptance, radiation testing, oil testing for the main business.

    Xinjiang New Energy (Group) Environmental Testing Co., Ltd. has passed through the Measurement Accreditation of Autonomous Region Technical Supervision Bureau and the Identification of the Third-party Testing Capability of the Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Department, capable of carrying out items testing like ambient air and waste gas (including indoor air, workplace air), water (including precipitation) and waste water, solid waste, soil, water sediment, noise, vibration, radiation, oil testing and others, with 184 items in total.

    Environmental test

    Ambient air and waste gas:Testing the pollutant in ambient air, such as Benzopyrene, volatile organic compounds, with 47 items in total

    Water and wastewater:Testing pollutant inorganic substances, organic matter, heavy metals and others in water, with 51 items in total

    Solid waste, soil, water sediment:Testing heavy metals, organic matter and other pollutants, with a total of 52 items

    Environmental acceptance

    Environmental acceptance and monitoring report writing of construction project

    Environmental acceptance and investigation report writing of nonpolluting construction project

    Radiation tesing

    Ionizing radiation:1: surface contamination     2: radiation dose rate

    Electromagnetic radiation:1: Power frequency power plant     2: Power frequency magnetic field

    Power transmission engineering, mobile communications, health care and other fields involved

    Oil testing

    Lubricant:40 degrees dynamic viscosity, water, iron index, elemental analysis, total acid value, detailed wear particle analysis

    Electric insulating oil:solution gas content in oil, breakdown potential, closed flash point, moisture, acid value

    Grease:Cone penetration, Wide temperature dropping point

    Hydraulic fluid:moisture, elemental analysis, total acid value, pollution degree

    The company has advanced equipment at home and abroad, including atomic absorption spectrometer, atomic fluorescence spectrometer, atomic emission spectrometer, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, gas mass spectrometer, ultraviolet spectrometer, radiation detector and other detection equipment and much auxiliary equipment. There are 126 sets of experimental equipment. Company equipment, facilities and environmental conditions meet the testing standards and testing procedures requirements.

    There are 25 professional technical personnel, including 3 postgraduate students and 22 undergraduate students now in the company. The responsibilities and authority of the staff in company departments and key positions are clear and a testing quality management system has been established.

    The Company strictly complies with the Regulation of Environmental Monitoring, the Criteria for Qualification Accreditation of the Examination and Testing Institutions, the Measures for the Qualification Accreditation of the Examination and Testing Institutions, and the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. Besides, the company adhered to the quality policy of "fair, scientific, trustworthy and efficient" so as to ensure the independence and impartiality of testing work and provide customers with better testing services. The company fully implements the quality policy of "scientific and standardized, timely and accurate, objective and impartial, high-quality service" and further improves the quality awareness, service awareness and is dedicated to provide high-quality service for customer, and effectively runs the quality system to ensure that the test work is regulatory and effective, and the testing result is accurate and reliable.

    Xinjiang New Energy (Group) Environmental Testing Co., Ltd

    Address:West side of Xingqinghu Road, County Urumqi, Urumqi, Xinjiang




    Business objectives

    Scientific and regulatory, timely and accurate
    Objective and impartial, high-quality service

    Service philosophy

    Accurate testing, fair assessment
    Comprehensive service, satisfactory consultation

    • Hotline :0991-3921071
    • Address: floor 1, Technology research and development building, No.107, Shanghai Road, Economic Development Zone, Urumqi, Xinjiang
    Copyright Xinjiang New Energy (Group) Environmental Development Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved
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