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    Corporate culture

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    Strategic positioning: first-class platform for investment operation in green industry. 

    Based on the existing new energy industry, practicing low-carbon environmental protection ecological civilization concept, relying on the resources policy advantages of Autonomous Region, the company has the courage to open up, steadily improves the quality scale of new energy industries with the leading low-carbon clean technology advantages green life philosophy, make breakthrough in the field of energy saving environmental protection, modern agriculture other areas, build a modern green industry system to promote the  "two sustainability" of development of the Autonomous Region, promote the transformation upgrading of Autonomous Region’s industries make the due contribution to the economy development improvement of people's livelihood in Xinjiang.

    Company vision: the leader of the green industry; founder of wonderful life

    Xinjiang New Energy Group has clarified their development direction strategic positioning. It has been determined to become a model of the development of new state-owned enterprises in Xinjiang new economic representative in Xinjiang, which means the leader of green industries like new energy, modern agriculture, energy saving environmental protection in Autonomous Region. The Group is committed to create value for Xinjiang the community, committed to seek personal growth happy life of the staff committed to become healthy happy enterprise respected by the community. We are duty-bound to build a better life together, share the development achievement, improve the happiness index become the founder of happy life。

    Core values

    Trust, Responsibility, Innovation, Cooperation

    Company vision

    The leader of green industry 

    The founder of a better life

    Business philosophy

    Be good at creating infinite value with limited resources 

    Working philosophy

    Active, efficient, excellent, growing

    Service philosophy

    Empathy sharing

    Learning philosophy

    Seeking, sharing, learning to use, improve learning working

    Talent Concept

    Respect talented people, educate people into talent

    • Hotline :0991-3921071
    • Address: floor 1, Technology research and development building, No.107, Shanghai Road, Economic Development Zone, Urumqi, Xinjiang
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